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A detailed reading of the entire document (including figure legends and references) at the word level. Correction of grammar errors, spelling, and punctuation. Virtually no rewriting of sentences. Includes appropriate formatting of text, references, and reference lists, if applicable.
Proofreading is appropriate for manuscripts that have been through a final round of review by the author(s).


A review of the manuscript at the paragraph, sentence, and word levels. Paragraphs and sentences are arranged or rewritten to maintain stylistic consistency and logical organization of thought. Includes proofreading services.
Copyediting is appropriate for manuscripts that are complete but may be in a first-draft form.

Medical Writing

With client-provided research and data, we create original copy. Research and referencing services are also available.

Additional Services

Manuscript Submission

Meeting Planning


Research & Referencing


Web Design


Medical Writes offers discounts for extended contracts. Please fill out a Request Form for further information.
Invoicing and payment information is available on the Getting Started page.

Rush Rates

Rush rates may apply when client deadlines require evening or weekend work. Estimates will clearly indicate these fees when applicable.